• Botox (Skin)
  • This is a procedure for those who want to have
    a youthful and vibrant-looking face.
  • This is a new type of Botox procedure where Botox is injected into diverse layers of the skin to prevent muscle paralysis, improve skin elasticity and signs of fine lines, and reduce the square jaw as quickly as possible.
Botox (Skin) Recommended for
  • Those who want to
    quickly improve their facial
    shape and contours
  • Those who want to
    improve the signs of fine
    lines and wrinkles
  • Those who have
    been losing skin
    elasticity after their 20s
  • Those with large
    or angular faces
  • Those who want
    a face lifting effect
AboutBotox (Skin)
  • Patients should refrain from excessively massaging the procedure site.
    Patients may use saunas and Korean saunas 3 weeks after the procedure.
    Patients should refrain from drinking alcohol and smoking for a week after the procedure.
    It is important for the skin Botox procedure to be performed by a specialist with abundant
    experience as only small amounts are injected into the necessary areas throughout the face.
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