• Recovery Facility
  • Gyalumhan runs a recovery facility
    near the clinic to assist those who are experiencing discomfort after surgery.
  • 165m2 of floor area / Various amenities / Rest / Recreation
    You can enjoy meals and recreational activities or rest if you’d like.
Relaxing time at a recovery facility of Gyalumhan
  • Our patients can recover more comfortably at a recovery facility where they can feel at home.
  • Unlike hospital rooms,
    patients can enjoy meals and recreational activities or rest at the recovery facility.
  • 165m2 of floor area
    The isolated space helps patients feel at home and recover more comfortably.
  • Various amenities (incl. TV, audio, computers, Internet)
    There are various amenities and electronic devices available so that our patients don’t feel bored.
  • Rest/Recreation
    Patients can rest and enjoy various recreational activities in a cozy space.
  • Directions to the Recovery Facility
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