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  • Are you in 20s or 30s? How old do I look like?
  • 2017-06-20
  • 상세부위
  • Rhinoplasty, Non-incision Ptosis




I can’t imagine one day that I’m writing review~ it’s amazing

I have heard cute but never beautiful when I was young except my family said

I want to some changes in my appearance for forgetting the individual bad things

So I start to find clinic to have consultation

Finally doing the eye & nose surgery by Kim Kyun Tae




I’m the person who has fast reducing swelling function~

Clinical stuff were surprised at my fast recovery

I think it was because I did none incision double eyelids, but the swelling of nose also reduce quickly






It’s my photo only passed by 2 weeks, how about my swelling?

Thanks for doctor’s advice for doing none incision double eyelids

I asked what if my double eyelids disappear for doing none incision?

The doctor said my eyes will not, so I trust him, I think I did good decision~



I start to meet friends since that day and change my style

My friends was very surprised at my appearance and even some of them can’t recognize me

They all asked why you become so beautiful~

I feel very happy with my smooth nose line and eyes


I have more desire to become beautiful after I do the surgery successful

So I spend more time on my appearance and start to diet

It’s perfect when finish diet with my after eyes and nose surgery

Am I changed my image totally?

I have a real life these days>_<


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